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Re-Tooling Factories to Manufacture PPE / Face Masks / COVID-19

Jeremy Lott, SanMar, president and CEO, is proud of his company’s efforts to increase production of face masks in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Jeremy Lott Seattle based, has joined efforts with other manufacturing companies to improve the supply chain for personal protection equipment (PPE) items, including face masks.

Jeremy Lott’s Seattle based company makes important manufacturing changes 

Although SanMar has an extensive catalog of apparel and accessories, the company has made changes to allow face masks and other PPE products to get into the hands of those who need them faster than ever. SanMar has especially highlighted their efforts to produce more cotton three-ply face masks. These lightweight and soft face masks fit most adults and come in a range of colors. Bandanas are also manufactured through SanMar and have risen in popularity for those wanting an alternative to traditional face masks. Bandanas are versatile and can be used as a face covering or worn around the head or neck. All face coverings are machine washable for multiple uses.

Jeremy Lott: “SanMar wants to do whatever we can to support these efforts”

Jeremy Lott, Mercer Island president of SanMar, has been very supportive of the manufacturing industry coming together to fight this global crisis. At the start of the COVID-19, employees of SanMar voiced their concerns to Jeremy about their family members not being able to access face masks easily. This inspired Jeremy Lott to join in the fight against COVID-19. Since March, SanMar’s production of face masks at their plants in Tennessee and Central America has surged. Personal protection items from SanMar are not solely face coverings. Sanmar provides a range of PPE items to meet the needs of first responders. Highlights within the apparel catalog include high visibility reflective vests, scrub tops, scrub bottoms, and ANSI-rated jackets.

Background of Jeremy Lott SanMar

Jeremy Lott has been part of SanMar since the very beginning. The family-owned and operated company in Seattle has grown substantially since he has become president of the apparel manufacturer. Under Jeremy Lott’s leadership, SanMar has entered into strategic partnerships with a wide range of top brands. His vision for SanMar is to continuously provide high-quality items to customers around the globe.

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